Baroness Juliane Von Schmeling
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 15:49
     The scenario is all too common: a hurtful, unproductive divorce with either one or both sides feeling powerless and in a battle that takes months or even years to "work" through the court system. What if divorce didn’t have to be this way?
Juliane von Schmeling and The Baroness Family Law Consulting Group provide an approach unlike traditional court-based battles. Instead, Juliane provides intelligent, win-win outcomes by utilizing her unique mediation services.
     "The process is business-driven, logical, and highly analytical,” Juliane said.
     Instead of giving power to the court, mediation allows both parties to remain in control of issues regarding child custody or support, financial arrangements, and spousal support. The mediator does not force a decision but, instead, uses his or her specialized analytical, interpersonal, and psychological skills to create and evaluate possible alternatives.
     Far too often, the legal aspect of divorce is overemphasized. It is important to not lose track of the emotional, social, or financial aspects divorce presents. Each situation is equally delicate and unique, thus requiring an individualized decision and approach.
     “I give clients a lot of questions to see if it’s a good decision," Juliane said. "Sometimes you just need financial or marriage advisement."
     After gathering information from both parties on an array of subjects, the question is then posed- Is there a solution that is peaceful?
     Juliane went to great lengths to bring this modern, effective concept of voluntary mediation to Northeastern Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. She is not only trained in various facets of legal consulting, but brings decades of pertinent firsthand experience in family law to the table. Juliane and the group will work with one or both individuals, depending on need or accessibility.
     While mediation often takes place after a lawsuit has been filed, it has also been highly effective in situations in which the conflict itself is still only potential. Mediation services can even be utilized with each party's existing lawyer. Meetings would include both parties as well as their legal representations in and out of the court environment.
     For more information regarding services or to simply have your questions answered, call Juliane von Schmeling directly at (570) 814-3563 or visit The first consultation, up to a half hour, is absolutely free.