Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Martin Editor IndependentNEPA magazinElizabeth Martin joined the Independent team in 2008, following six years as a free lance writer and editor with the Suburban News, a family-owned Back Mountain newspaper based in Sweet Valley. Her first journalistic endeavor, however, spanned a 15-year career with TV Guide Magazine, formerly in Wilkes-Barre. She currently functions as Managing Editor for IndependentNEPA magazine.

In addition to the all-important roles of wife and mother, which come first in her life, Liz volunteers for a number of community organizations, including the Dallas Harvest Festival Steering Committee, Brass Ring Fund Committee (Wintersteen Carousel), and Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition. She was also a founding member of the Back Mountain Arts Association (Himmler Theater); and, until recently, served on the boards of directors with the Back Mountain Business Association and Back Mountain Economic Development Council.

In her down time, Liz enjoys cooking and gardening.

She was recently elected Dallas Township Supervisor and will begin a six-year term in January 2012.

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